Friday, April 13, 2007

Weee Widdle Baby Knits

It's a baby sweater! Isn't it cute? I love it. It's from some Debbie Bliss book that I can't remember the name of (I copied it out of a library book...shhh, don't tell!). It's all done in garter stitch and I used Bernat Satin. Boy was I ever happy with that yarn. Obviously I wanted washable - because it's for a new baby - and for the same reason, I also wanted soft. My only experience with a "soft" acrylic has been Caron Simply Soft. Might I describe it as, uhhh, let's see...wimpy? Bernat Satin was great though, such a nice surprise. The finished sweater is soft and cushy and I love the texture of garter stitch.

I tried to catch some detail with this closeup, but failed due to low light. Anyhow, that's it, in all it's cuteness. Now I just need to get the darn thing off in the mail before cute little tadpole outgrows it!

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