Wednesday, April 11, 2007

..and she does sweaters too!

Yes, there actually are some full-fledged sweaters in the completed bin. Here's a few of them:

Here's my boy in his beloved "Rough and Ready Raglan". I found the pattern free online, but then saw it was part of the book Hip Knits, and I snatched it up with a 40% off coupon from you-know-where. I'm a book hound, so I ate this one right up. It got terrible reviews on Amazon, but I happen to really like it. It has adorable baby/child items and I like the adult sweaters as well, though I have yet to make one of those.

The boy really digs this one and I have to be careful or he even swipes it from the dirty pile before it gets washed. It's made out of trusy Red Heart Super Saver, but I'll probably do the next one out of a wool blend. Gotta keep that machine washability though.

These next two sweaters are my absolute favorite "go to" sweaters and I can't wait to make more. I am not a snob, but for those of you who are, be warned, they are...crochet. When I was young, I thought yarn was what you used to learn to crochet but real crochet was with thread and itty bitty steel needes. I quickly crocheted my hands into a twisted mess of pain. I threw aside my filet crochet "home sweet home" doily and swore I'd never do it again. Then I saw these books - Crocheted Aran Sweaters and More Crocheted Aran Sweaters - and I had to have them both. These sweaters worked up so easily - easy patterns to follow and easy on my poor hands - and the gauge stays true throughout and they fit so well! I could go on, but here are the pictures:

Both are done in Wool Ease. I'm wearing the striped one as I type and both are my absolute favs for throwing on when I get's April 11 and it's been snowing nonstop since yesterday yeah, I'm chilly. Why put on a sweatshirt when you can wear one of these and still look gooooood?
My very first sweater was a good one too - Funky Funnel Neck Fun from the Yarn Girls Guide to Simple Knits. It was Wool Ease Chunky and aside from binding off a little too tightly, it was perfect. Alas, the dog tried to pull it out of the spaces in the sides of the laundry basket. Frog time, baby.

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