Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Afghans and Autism

The yarn has been ordered and the 2nd Annual Great Afghan Marathon is about to commence! The afghans are going to be teacher gifts at the end of the school year. Before you all (as though I had readers...snort!) think "isn't a blanket a little ambitious for a teacher gift?", let me explain.

I have 3 great kids: the Girl is 10, the Boy is now 7, and the Little Guy is 4. Boy was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and had the same teacher from age 2.5 through last summer at age 6. Along with the teacher was her assistant, the speech clinician, and the occupational therapist. As Boy got ready to move on to kindergarten, I felt they all deserved extra special gifts because of all their hard work (which BTW paid off in leaps and bounds), something much more than anything you could buy in a store. But what?

As I read through Weekend Knitting, I thought "could Nicky Epstein's Fluffy Lap Blanket BE any more perfect?" I didn't think so. I imagined each woman after a trying day with special needs kids going home and snuggling up with a book or perhaps some knitting of her own.

So 4 lap blankets were made last spring for 4 special women who dedicate their lives to helping kiddos with autism. Not willing to be outdone, Girl demanded that a blanket be made for her teacher as well. All were extremely well received, so I'm going to do it again.

This year, 4 lap blankets will again be made for 4 special women who have once again enriched the life of my Boy. Girl has a male teacher so I'm counting on her not wanting to give him a blanket. Cross your fingers!

Stay tuned for more details about the blankets, the yarn, and the cause!

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