Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Love the Oblique, but I'm FRUSTRATED!!

I picked Oblique back up and finished the sleeves...Yay!

I did the front bands...Yay!

I sewed the raglan seams...Yay!

I can't pick up the stitches for the collar...FISH PASTE!

The problem is that I can't pick up the correct number of stitches...I'm way over. My solution? Stalk knitters on Ravelry who have finished this sweater and ask everyone for their magic ratio for picking up stitches for this collar. So far I have one response and it is quite helpful. I'll keep waiting into the evening to see what else comes along.

I went to JoAnn today while B. was at preschool. I needed several various sewing supplies for the 1st Communion Dress that has yet to be launched, but there is still plenty of time. I also was pleasantly suprised to find out (at the checkout counter) that Bernat DenimStyle was on sale for $3! I bought some on a whim a couple weeks ago and last week I cast on for the top-down raglan from Creative Knitting - I think November '07?? I blasted through those two skeins and bought the last two in the store today. I'll need one more to finish, but I'll find that later. It's so soft and will be the perfect sweatshirt-y sweater for cool spring/summer evenings - that is if it ever turns into either of those seasons.

I also picked up some 100% cotton for that cute two-toned bag in Interweave Crochet...the name escapes me right now, but I'd seen it in the preview and knew I had to make it. The yarn is purchased and I may start tonight. No wait, probably tomorrow. The Wild play in their first 1st round playoff game tonight and crochet is something I can't do without looking. The top-down raglan will be my hockey knitting tonight.

Hold on...Weatherbug is chirping at me. Good grief...we have a winter storm watch from tomorrow evening through Saturday. Somebody tell these weather people that it's not winter anymore?!?!?!?!? They're saying 12" on Friday. There have been times over the past few wimpy winter years when I've lamented over the lack of snow and "real" winter weather. This is ridiculous though. It's going on mid-April and I want to see some green!

Ok, now I'm in a funk. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have had enough feedback from my stalking to get going with confidence on the collar for Oblique. I want that sweater in the worst way and I feel like a caged bird while I try to figure out something as stupid as what ratio to use when picking up stitches. Oh well, it is what it is.

Maybe there will be pictures tomorrow? Have a great day and cheer for the Wild!

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monkeybusiness said...

I saw your issues about picking up the collar stitches. For mine, I think I picked up either 2 stitches per 3 rows (my typical ratio). I might have done a 3 stitches per 4 row ratio, but I doubt it. Good luck with that!