Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Does food still matter in restaurants?

I'd like to call today "Stating the Obvious" Tuesday.

I'm listening to an episode of the Bon Appetit podcast from last summer and the interviewer just asked this post's title question of a chef opening a new restaurant. I could hardly believe my ears! Hmmm, let's see here...DUH!!!!

I had to laugh. Nothing much else to add to the "Stating the Obvious" theme of today except that organza strewn with cute little satin rosebuds with satin ribbon leaves is friggin' impossible to cut and sew!

What was I thinking? Ooh, this is cute! I bet Emma will like this! Isn't this great? Oh yeah, she loves that, use THAT!

I tried my darndest to position the skirt overlay pattern piece on plain areas of the fabric, but with the curved front edge it was impossible to get it to lay on completely plain areas. I ended up cutting out several roses that fell in the seam allowance.

Cute break...B just put his "bug hat" that he made in preschool on my head! He said "it has my name on it, but you can wear it." Awwww!

Well, I'm gonna go dive into the organza and we'll see who surfaces first. I really gotta get busy with the photos!

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C├ęcile said...

Gosh that does sound tricky. How did it go? Is it done yet? I used to sew, but hardly ever do any more. I never had daughters, though so never sewed organza.