Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Frustration of a different sort has dogged my existence for the last several days. Last Wednesday evening, my work laptop crashed!

It's not even that old so I have no idea why it would do such a thing. Worse yet, apparently my 'My Documents' folder - where I keep everything related to work AND all my blog photos - has not been updated like I was told it would be. Everything is gone. Stinky fish face!

I'm finally sort of back in the saddle today. My darling Mr. T works a mere 5 miles from the office I'm never in so he offered to do the exchange of the dead laptop for the replacement laptop. My day today has been taken up with trying to get everything set up properly on the replacement. That's always a pain. Thus, blogging and updating photos on Ravelry. Now on to the big news...

I finished Oblique!! I couldn't be happier. I had some issues with picking up the stitches for the collar, but once I worked that all out, it went along just fine and the results speak for themselves.

It could use a full blocking - each piece was blocked prior to assembly and not afterward yet - but it is very nice and I'll get some good wearing out of it and block it again after it's first washing.

What else have I been working on? The Knit it Down seamless raglan from Creative Knitting. It's from one of the issues this past winter and this sweater was the reason I bought the magazine (it's on the cover). In fact, I don't think I ever even noticed it on the shelves before this issue.

I'm using Bernat DenimStyle. It's a yarn I've always been intrigued by because it's a cotton blend and it has an interesting marl effect...and let's face it, it's inexpensive. I have not been disappointed.

The pattern is really great. It has a neat wide ribbed collar and a deep v-neck. It is truly a seamless sweater too - no sewing at all, not even at the underarms. Even the little cross action at the base of the v-neck is achieved by passing stitches over one another. I would have finished it by now except I'm out of yarn. I'd only bought 2 balls at first because I knew I wanted to try it but didn't know what I was going to make. I settled on this and blasted through those two balls but when I went back for more, there were only 2 left. Tomorrow I'm going to check another JoAnn and see if they have one more ball.

I recently purchased Stitch n' Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker. I enjoy this and "Nation" because of the good instruction. I decided to try Cupcake with what I thought was my 6 balls of Knit Picks Shine Sport in Apricot. I was nearly to the armhole shaping when I ran out and I could not find the 6th ball! I'm not even sure I had 6 balls. Blah!

I bought more Shine Sport off Ravelry. It was supposedly Apricot, but it's not even close to the right color. I improvised with some Aunt Lydia Shimmer. It looks good, but the gauge is a little larger in that area now so I'm not really sure how it will all work. I'm going to leave it as a tank and see what happens.

For now, I'll keep on with whatever WIP's I find and hopefully continue to get something done on the 1st Communion Dress each day. I'm nearly through the cutting out stage, which is by far my least favorite. The pressure is mounting, but I can deal.

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