Monday, April 21, 2008

Good Luck Monday!

I am going to try this out as a weekly installment...sometimes "good" good luck, sometimes "not-so-good" good luck. That's my kind of day today.

It started out innocent enough. We hit 72 degrees today! If I'd stayed in direct sunlight, I would have actually burned! With the winter we've had, that's a milestone indeed. I bought the ribbon trim for the 1st Communion Dress, tailor's chalk (finally!), and 6 more balls of DenimStyle in white - yes, I know I need only one more ball of khaki to finish my sweater, but it was all out and it was still on sale and it never goes on sale and I love it and I know I'll use it...yada yada yada.

I punched eyelet holes in my Big Bag. I bought an EmbellishKnit only to realize that it really isn't what I'm looking for, so the Big Bag is still without handles. But it's got the eyelets and that was mighty fun to hammer them in on a 72 degree day in Minnesota!

The real good fortune didn't hit until I went to the dentist. That right there should be your tip-off. My 5 1/2 month old root canal has been bothering me again. More accurately, I was near tears last week. Not much of a shock, but he has to redo it. I chuckled and asked if there was a warranty on root canals and he said yes, they will do it for no charge. Hey, there's my good luck!

So I'm on amoxicillan and Vicodin, if needed, and I go under the drill on April 30. Ick.

The capper for the day is that at the end of this beautiful day, a storm front moved in and the thunder and lightening started just in time to rain out A's soccer practice.

As for knitting/crocheting, I'm at a crossroads. I'm still on my Oblique-high and not sure where to go from there. I started the Aran Accent Vest from the Patons Cables booklet using my delphinium blue Wilton hand-dyed wool. It really does look wonderful. My mom and I had talked once of making things to enter into the State Fair and this might just be it. No pics yet, but soon. I did pick up some more Decor in First Spring to hopefully finish the Lady's Kangaroo Sweatshirt. That's gonna be another good one.

Anyway, I'm going to go take meds and sink into the couch for an hour or two. Sleep tight!

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