Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Quarantine me, please!

It's been a rough several days at JRo's House of Knitty. Colds swept through us last week and into the weekend causing a mad Walmart dash for warm mist humidifiers and Vicks VapoSteam. Saturday morning, a mysterious tummy bug hit little Mr. L. causing throwing up, fever, and a general cease to all movement that is always indicative of something not quite right.

Yesterday, I actually called in sick to my job - kind of funny since I work at home - but it had to be done. I felt like crap and knew that this weird tummy thing had hit me too. Miss A. complained of a tummy ache after school and didn't eat dinner. Mr. B. ate like crazy, living up to his "Pig Boy" moniker.

2 a.m. this morning I was awakened by A. throwing up at my bedside. She said it took a while to wake me up. I felt horrible, but what can I say? After my kids hit the sleeping-through-the-night milestone, I was dead to the world. I collapse into bed each night and generally sleep like a stone till the local hard rock radio station hits me in the face at 4:40 a.m.

I took care of her and got her back to bed, but then I couldn't sleep. Luckily I had Oblique to keep me company. I had finished the right front last night but messed up somewhere in the middle of yarn overs and raglan shaping and my stitch count was off. So I'd ripped back last night and got it all taken care of this morning. Both fronts are done and I'm halfway through the back ribbing. This really is a fabulous project. I'm using Patons Classic Wool in Dark Gray Mix and it looks fantastic. Each front took under one ball of yarn, leaving me with not enough for any real project but plenty to add to the feltable wool remnant bin in my closet. I feel a Big Bag comin' on! Or perhaps the stripey felted bag from One Skein. But I digress.

I'm sure today will be another sick day for me. I'm still feeling a little off-kilter, A. is still throwing up, and B. will probably have something going on with him. Sam, the ferocious Golden Retriever has an appointment with the scalpel, for which we need to leave in about 5 minutes. We'll miss him (until tomorrow) but it will be nice not to have to deal with a dog in addition to sicky kids.

Gotta go, but I'll post some pics of Oblique later. Oh, and Mr. Greenjeans is blocked and wonderful! I love love love it!

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Ashley said...

I am so sorry that you aren't feeling well! I hope that you are back up and at 'em soon, and I can't wait to see Oblique in all her glory! :)