Monday, February 18, 2008

Ahh, nice weekend!

Nice long weekend too! The kids had Friday and today off. I'd hoped to do something fun with them on Friday but I was stuck working most of the day. Luckily, A. was invited to the community center to swim and play basketball with her best friend, so I didn't feel quite so guilty.

L. and B. spent their day much like they do every other: reading, playing trains, doing puzzles, wrestling, watching TV, and the like. I took a few breaks here and there to spend some time playing with them and that worked out well.

The kids came home with a flyer from the school nurse about influenza and the news was reporting that a different strain than that which was covered in the vaccine was going around. Ya think? At that moment I knew that we all have been battling influenza. I'm still trying to get over it, but everyone else is better and that's good.

On Saturday, we decided to go out for dinner at a new local restaurant. Going out as a family has been something I've wanted to do regularly but we've been reluctant because L. has autism and B. is Mr. Instigator Extraordinaire. Well, we decided to take the plunge. The restaurant is a grill/bar so it's naturally noisy and a perfect environment for our boys. We could go and be ourselves and talk and laugh and we all had a great time. The boys even ate well which is usually tricky. It's definitely something we all look forward to doing again. Not only is it nice to just get out, it's a great way for our kids to learn acceptable social behavior - which is especially important to L. because he has autism and social interactions are not as natural for him.

Sunday was another all-day basketball tournament. The girls played as hard as they could, but ended up with 3rd (out of 4 teams). It was a "B" tournament though which has tougher teams and even though they played their hearts out, they just couldn't match up. They had a great chance for 2nd place, but ran out of gas in their 3rd game. Oh well, fun was still had by all and they got a trophy out of the deal.

Not as much knitting this weekend. We popped The Two Towers in the Blu-Ray on Friday night and Oblique isn't mindless enough to be able to watch the movie at the same time. My solution? Cast on another Mr. Greenjeans in some stash yarn: Patons Decor in First Spring. I know I won't quite have enough from my stash to finish it completely, but there's enough to get probably 3/4 of the way through. Doesn't get much more mindless than that. Return of the King went in on Saturday so I was able to make excellent progress on that.

Oblique is on the docket for TV time tonight. Of course I haven't forgotten about her!

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