Friday, February 8, 2008

Is it really Friday?

Whoa, what a week! L. is the only one who's been healthy all week. A. didn't make it through yesterday but she's bound and determined to make it today since the entire 5th grade class (those with fewer than 7 late assignments, that is) is going roller skating for this trimester's reward party. B. had to miss out on sledding today at preschool because that darn cough and slight fever haven't quite left him yet. Mr. T. is back at work and I'm doing better as well. I'm going out again with my high school friends tonight so yes indeed-y, I AM better!

Sam made it through surgery just fine. He was just as happy as ever to see A. and me waiting for him. We got a chuckle over the post-op instruction of "restricting his activity for 7-10 days." A. looked at me and said "restrict what?" Precisely. The photo is his typical posture, just picture him in different rooms and you're all set!

That's the blanket A. is making for a school arts and academics awards competition - she'll be really thrilled when she sees it covered in dog hair. That's what you get for leaving it spread out like that!

I got around to taking some better pictures of a couple of FO's. Here's a new pic of the Rustic Love Pullover. I tried for full length, but my arms are only so long.

Next is a modeled picture (finally!) of Teva Durham's Assymetrical Cable Vest from Loop d Loop. I love this and wear this all the time, but Mr. T thinks I should be running around the house saying "it needs more cowbell." SNL, anyone? A. made me swear I'd never wear this to any sporting event of hers. Come ON, people!!

And finally, the piece de resistance...Mr. Greenjeans! I realy love how this turned out. It blocked out perfectly and fits so well! I'm going to wear it with a black short-sleeved t-shirt and jeans tonight for dinner with my friends.

Please excuse the horribly spotty mirror, but this was the best I could do for a full length shot. Eek!

Oblique is moving along nicely. I'm about halfway through the back. I have six balls of yarn, which in theory should be enough, but I'm considering picking up another ball tonight just in case. I hate having to use partial balls but after doing our taxes, perhaps I should see how it all goes before I spend more money!

While I do so love my evenings stretched out on the chaise end of our sectional, tonight I am very willingly sacrificing a night of knitting for a night out with friends. It will be 5 of us who went to high school together, but I've known a few of them longer than that. I met Lynn the summer before 6th grade and we played softball together. I met Kathy on the first day of 6th grade when I was the new kid at school. Katie joined us a few weeks later. We were separated through junior high and we all met up again in high school when Kathy and I joined the poms dance squad. Kathy, Lynn and I cheered hockey all through high school and Katie and Allison joined us our junior year. We've been all over the place since then, but we've remained friends. It's pretty cool. Eating out at an Italian restaurant might be a little challenging since I'm allergic to dairy, but I'm ready for it so I can have a great time with my buds! And it's Kathy's birthday so I'm bringing her a couple Mason-Dixon washcloths with some bath goodies tied inside. Boy is it nice to keep some of those on hand!
Have a great weekend everybody!


Ashley said...

Oh my gosh! I so love that tan sweater. It fits you perfectly and is so slenderizing! What's your secret?? :) All your FOs are gorgeous, well done! I will break out of my mold and actually make something for myself...someday, LOL.

Jen said...

I don't know what it is about that sweater but it does look pretty good. Perhaps the yoke draws attention away from the usual flaws? I wish someone around here wanted something handknit! My friend is having a baby in a couple months so I'm thrilled to have someone to knit for!