Monday, February 4, 2008

I cheated on my yarn!

Don't worry, I'll get to that. It involves my pile of yarn and my infatuation with a certain pattern called Oblique.

Mr. Greenjeans is done! On Friday, I went off to Michael's for another ball of yarn - something I should have done back when I first switched to that other dye lot - but I won't dwell on that. I found the perfect match and promptly knit the ribbed border. I think my favorite thing about this pattern is that it tells you exactly how to pick up the stitches (2 stitches per 3 rows). I hate seeing "pick up 68 stitches evenly across the front edge, blah, blah" because I always end up tearing my hair out trying to figure out how to actually pick up these stitches evenly. It's great! I also found a button that morning at JoAnn. I finished on Saturday morning but only got to blocking today. I think this one will make me very happy!

Now to the cheating. So I've had this pile of Patons Classic Wool in Natural Mix for a while. I chose my dye color and I knew that this yarn would be perfect for Oblique. I dyed it intentionally for Oblique. I dyed it Friday and it was drying by Friday evening.
I'd finished Mr. Greenjeans. I could have cast on for a teacher blanket. I could have cast on for a washcloth. I could have continued on the Jaywalkers or Ben's Sweater. But noooooooo, I had to cast on for Oblique. I had 6 balls of Patons Classic in Dark Gray Mix staring me in the face - what was I to do? I flinched, that's what.
I totally caved and started Oblique without my pretty new hand dyed yarn. I could almost hear it calling to me from the coat hangers in my bathroom "wait, wait for us...just a few more hours...wait!" But I couldn't wait. I started the left front on Saturday and finished it Sunday night. I briefly thought about knitting this in one piece to the armholes, but quickly abandoned that thought. With right leaning and left leaning lace patterns and shaping and moss stitch and textured lace stitch I thought it best to work one section at a time. It went along very nicely and quickly too. I have a feeling that if I were to leave this for any length of time, I might lose my place and never finish...much like my poor Breezy Cables.
This sweater is right up my alley - feminine lace done in a rustic yarn. I'm using size 7 needles and knitting the medium size so I hope it will end up a little in between the small and medium. I'm sure it will be wonderful no matter which size it ends up being. I'll keep knitting and searching for the perfect pattern for my dyed yarn.


Ashley said...

I am sure that your yarn will forgive you...just tell it that you are saving it for something truly earth shattering ;)

Jen said...

I already have projects lining up for that yarn! And more yarn in line for the dye pot. It's just too fun!