Friday, January 18, 2008

Spring Fever has to wait...

...because it's cold!

Josephine, I love you, you're beautiful...but you're only 1" long and it's a** cold outside. My hands need some mittens!

My summery knitting fling had to come to abrupt end yesterday when I panicked knowing I'd be out on Saturday without mittens unless I got cracking. The projected HIGH temperature on Saturday is a balmy -5. Gloves do nothing for me so I set aside Josephine in favor of finishing the Spiral Mittens.

They're cute and warm! Last night when I took the dog out, I could feel air coming through them, but my fingertips didn't turn numb within 30 seconds. I call that a success. Thinsulate, schminsulate! Gloves just don't keep my fingers warm.

This morning I had a crazy idea to start the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat with a skein of hand dye. I don't think I'll have enough yarn, especially since I'm making it a tad larger, but I'll improvise.

I went to JoAnn this morning after dropping B. at preschool. The one thing I needed was a larger Wilton squirty bottle in which to keep my homemade pancake syrup. But, I also had two valid coupons - one 50% off and one 40% off - so I bought two balls of Moda Dea Silk n' Wool in Pewter for Le Slouch (what is it with me wanting a slouchy hat??). I squished it in my hands all the way home.

Now I'm staring at the remaining skein of Lamb's Pride thinking I should try to hammer out another One-Row Scarf for Saturday. Am I nuts? We'll just see...

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