Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's Wednesday already??

Good grief, yes, it is. Where does the time go? Right out the window when you have a weekend that includes a day out with friends, a basketball tournament, and a bonus day off from school.

Good news! I finished the One-Row Scarf with minutes to spare before leaving Saturday morning for my day out with my high school buds! I was pretty frantic, cursing Le Slouch and Slouchy Copy Cat Hat all the way, wishing I'd never started those before finishing the scarf. But I did it. I adore the color, it matches my mittens (duh, it's the same yarn!) and it looks very smart with my new coat. Too bad I didn't take a picture with the coat on.

I had a great time on Saturday with my 3 girlfriends. We pretty much spent our afternoon floating from location to location gabbing away until we ended up at a Hopkins High School hockey game. We had all been hockey cheerleaders so we thought it would be fun. It was great fun, but we were repeatedly faced with the sight of kids who were barely born when we graduated in '92. The price of getting older, I guess. We had a great time though. Oh, and I wore my Hourglass Sweater! Love it!

Sunday was an all-day basketball tournament for A. Mr. T and she left quite early and didn't return until 4 p.m. They won 2nd place...yay! During their absence I had time to contemplate how one of my friends said that each Thursday she cleans her entire house. I can't even remember the last time I cleaned the entire house in a day. Guilt descended upon me and I spent 4 hours cleaning my room and our bathroom. Then I made beds and vacuumed the rest of the upstairs and downstairs. Then I couldn't bear the thought of leaving laundry in plain sight so I got to work putting away the folded stuff and folding the other stuff. Not exactly the way I like to spend my weekend, but I figure it will get me off to a good start to hopefully turn over a new leaf in the housekeeping department. Since then I have made beds daily, done some laundry daily, folded it immediately, picked up around the house here and there, and in general, I feel great about it. I hope this feeling lasts!

Knitting is moving right along as well. I completed both Le Slouch and the Slouchy Copy Cat Hat. I am satisfied with the end result of both, with Le Slouch winning out. I really like that Moda Dea Wool n' Silk Blend. Gotta use that more.

I started a new cardigan, Mr. Greenjeans from Knitty. While I would have loved to make it using exactly the same yarn in the photo, I chose the Royal Purple Patons Classic Merino that has been sitting around my house for quite some time. Top-down yokes feel like an eternity to me, but I plugged away and got through it in 2 days and I'm nearly ready for the rib-cable section. I think this is such a cute sweater and I can't wait to have my very own!

However, A. hasn't failed to notice that the Lamb's Pride Bulky I bought a couple months ago for her Felted Clogs has not left the bag from the store. L.'s school has Slipper Day this Friday. I have not added any kind of tread to the bottoms of his clogs. I can't get myself to buy $15 leather soles so I may just break out the puffy paint. Or I'll look for some bits of fabric that could be sewn to the bottoms. Or I'll break down and buy the darn soles.

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