Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Canopy Cardigan - New and Improved Photos

I was less than pleased with the initial photos I took of this garment. I was wearing what can only be qualified as jammies. They were photos for photos' sake and frankly I'm embarrassed.

These are much better.

This is how I wear this sweater from day to day. Jeans and my favorite style top in the world, the long sleeve knit crewneck T-shirt. A little close-fitting, but not tight. That's my style and this cardigan fits in perfectly.

I freely admit I could have knitted a size smaller. The sleeves and length are perfection, but the body is loose and a little wide. There is no way I can wear this cardigan without a fastener. It flops off my shoulders and I fear I could fly away like a kite.

I'd been using a kilt pin to fasten the ribbing together at the neck - which did work, but it was bulky. Plus the pin is so sharp that I worried about snagging the yarn.

Then I remembered the fasteners in Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet. These are genius. Grab a couple shank buttons, some beads and elastic beading cord and in mere minutes you have a wonderful non-permanent fastener for your favorite garment. It works kind of like a cuff link. Amazingly, I found the perfect buttons at Walmart.

The Fastener for Canopy

It works like a charm. I put each button through the lacy holes at the base of the leaves. I'm thinking a couple more might be nice to close it up a little more. I love the flyaway look of cardigans fastened only at the top or with just a few buttons done up.

The great thing about this type of fastener...wait, there's a few great things. You can make multiple fasteners for the same garment and vary your look as often as your mood. AND you don't have to sew anything. ANYTHING!! That rocks. Not that sewing buttons is hard, but it can be irritating. This fastener won't mess with the way your fabric looks either, no puckering or anything. Plus, playing with beads is fun!

Pretty cool, huh?