Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Yes...I made another cardigan...

Drops 107-9 Cardigan
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Ok, I know I've made a lot of cardigans lately. Yes, I do still have BOTH my mom's scarves on the needles. Yes, I said I'd make socks for my daughter before she goes hunting in 2 1/2 weeks.

What exactly is your point?

It's that same thing that happens when you have to study for a really big test and suddenly you feel the urge to scrub your bathroom with a toothbrush. Anything to prolong the inevitable.

It was just too cute to pass up. I even had a suitable yarn in my stash. Ok, acrylic may not be all that suitable to anything other than afghans, but I felt confident it would work in this pattern (Drops 107-9). The gauge is a little looser and the lace would give it more drape as well. I gave it a soak and laid it out on the guest bed. I'll blast it with some steam in a little bit. Steam certainly can't hurt.

I think it worked out well! It's a very pretty design, very feminine. Alas, I think I made it a little small for my taste (either that or I have the tricky gauge again). The Lupus Foundation is stopping by Friday for donations so I may leave it out for them.

Although now that I think about it, I'd kind of like to keep this stuff in town. I know there are people who need clothing right here. I'll have to check into where I could take my stuff.

I'm going to donate a few other sweaters as well. 28thirty, Leaf Yoke Cardigan, and Drops 79-24. They all turned out well, they're just not doing it for me either in size or style. A couple of them hit too high on the neck and I have a thing about stuff touching my neck. I've been saying I'm going to lose weight for a while, but since that isn't budging more than about 5 lbs., I'd better just get rid of the stuff rather than have it taunt me.

Plus, if you were someone in need, wouldn't it make you feel good to have a cozy handknitted item? I think it would feel pretty special to see something like that among your choices. I'll tag 'em and bag 'em and say a little prayer that they find good homes.

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