Sunday, October 28, 2007

Whoa...what a weekend!

Actually it started a little early. I was in quite a state of ecstacy for finishing the Unisex Knock-Around Pullover - I think it was a new record, even with having to rip back a couple times and fudge my way through the math. It was my first time messing around with the math of a sweater and to my utter amazement, it all worked. The sweater is the exact size it should be and it's incredibly comfy. Because it's not 100% wool, the lower edge and cuffs didn't uncurl so I might add some garter stitch, but it is still great. Love it! But I digress...

So Friday morning was it's usual hectic self...Alicia needing to be ready early to go to school early for crossing guard duty, Lucas needing his lunch and "high-5's" (a vitamin/mineral cocktail we give him every day per his DAN! doc's directive), and Ben needing to eat and be ready for preschool shortly after the other two leave. Alicia, Lucas, and I triple teamed packing his lunch and everybody was ready in time. Alicia left and we waited for Luke's bus.

Now Lucas loves school. So much so that each day he runs down the concrete steps from the house and across the grass and a sidewalk to get to the bus. The busdriver and I have been warning him for the past two months that one day he'd fall down and on Friday, it happened. One more step and he would have hit the grass, but unfortunately he fell onto his face. He was bleeding at the gumline of his front teeth and scraped above and below his right eye. So I told the busdriver to continue and I'd take him to school when he recovered.

That is one thing about the autism that is difficult - or perhaps it's just because he's a stubborn child who comes from stubborn parents. Lucas is doing great and understands a lot, but when he is hell bent on something, he's so stubborn it's difficult to change the course he takes. Thus, it's been impossible to get him to slow down and walk to the bus. Today even I had to continuously remind him to walk. He got irritated with me when I tried to slow him down - he was walking fast - and said "C'mon Mom, I'm trying to walk!" He made it though and I warned him to walk carefully at school today.

We cleaned him up and by the time Ben went to preschool, Luke was good to go. I got him safely to his class and the day proceeded as normal.

Then about 1 p.m., right when I take my Knitty Gritty/A Haunting break from work, the phone rings. Caller ID said "unknown caller". That's never good because during the school day, that always means it's school. Lucas tripped entering his classroom after recess and cut his head on a chair. Ben and I packed up and got the poor kid. The cut had stopped bleeding but I decided to take him to the ER to have it looked at just in case. It wasn't very deep so they ended up just glueing it and now all is well.

Oh, I almost forgot the icing on the cake! Luke's para, who was with him in the nurse's office asked me "did you know you packed a raw egg in his lunchbox today?" My jaw dropped! I couldn't believe it! I'd had two hard boiled eggs sitting right on the shelf in the fridge, but somehow, between the 3 of us packing his lunch, he got a hold of a raw egg. I even helped pack it in a baggie. I'd even asked him if he wanted me to crack it at home for him, but he said no, he wanted to crack it at school. Geez! I hope this is enough weirdness to take us at least through the end of the year.

Saturday was just busy. The Monticello Soccer Club had a rec soccer Jamboree. In an effort to become more involved in the community, Tony is on the soccer Board and I am in charge of apparel sales. Alicia's traveling team signed on to sell concessions as a fundraiser for their team. So the 5 of us were at the fields all day. Tony cooked brats and hot dogs, Alicia assembled hot dogs and caramel apple slices, and I sold apparel in tandem with refereeing the boys. It was fun, and we sold a lot of stuff, but it was cold and long. At the end of the afternoon, as if to signal it was time to get out of dodge, a gust of wind lifted the tent right off its poles and it flew off and the poles went flying. One pole hit my niece in the back of her head, but she was fine and luckily the little kids were off in the fields picking up garbage.

Here they are...Alicia is in the gray hoodie with the black hat, Tony is in back turned facing her, and my two nieces are in the blue and yellow coats. They were an enormous help! Thanks girls!

Sunday was mercifully calm. Tony and my dad went to the gun club to sight in their rifles and now they are all ready for the whitetail firearms season to open this Saturday. We watched the Vikings lose in grand fashion, then switched over to see a similar fate fall upon our beloved Wild. The discovery of "A Haunting" marathon on Discovery saved the day, however, and we watched until that was over. Then when Tony went up to get clothes ready, I turned on Jane Eyre again. I'll have to discuss that in another post...I think I'm in love with Toby Stephens. Ahhhhh!

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