Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If someone compliments your sweater, then asks if you made it, is it still a compliment?

I'm gonna say yes. I wore the Cable Yoke Sweater today for the second time, but it was the first time out in the actual public eye (the neighbors don't count). At the neighbors' house last Friday, nothing was said at all about my sweater. I took that as a compliment in itself - that hopefully it wasn't too obvious that it was handmade.

I'm wearing it today with a cute coral-colored tank underneath - to both deter itch and hide bra straps - and Ben's preschool teacher first said how beautiful it was...then asked me if someone made it for me. She continued to be so sincerely complimentary, though, that I won't take it as a bad thing that she recognized that it was handmade. She did say that she, too, is a knitter so it stands to reason that she would recognize a handmade sweater.

So I'm good.

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El Terrd said...

You m@d@ th@t? It looks @w@som@! No doubt th@y w@r@ complim@nting you. v@ry nic@!