Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Knit from your Stash in 2007

Ok, maybe I haven't done this for the entire time this year, but this has been my mantra since the beginning of summer.

Knit from your stash, knit from your stash, don't buy more yarn....knit from your stash.

I realized I just had WAY too much yarn around here - though by the looks of things in blogland, it's not half bad - and I needed to do something about it. The main goal, you ask? To give myself license to buy more (and better) yarn by the firearms opener of deer hunting season in Minnesota (early November).

Little did I know, someone out there had officially started this effort on January 1. Knit from Your Stash 2007 is promoted by Wendy Johnson, aka Wendy Knits, author of Wendy Knits: My Never-Ending Adventures in Yarn and the Wendy Knits blog. I believe her goal is to stash bust like the wind until the fall Stitches show - so she can buy more yarn. I'd put the cute littie icon on my blog, but I don't know how! I really need to learn a bit more about the tech aspect of this blogging thing. Perhaps there is only so much you can do with a free blog, but I aim to exploit it all!

Now will someone please read it?

Ok, enough pity. On to the FO's that have resulted from my stash crashing, in no particular order:

  1. Dashing Fingerless Mitts - coral-y Kool Aid dyed Lion Wool
  2. Potluck Wool Mittenettes - Lion Wool Ocean Blues
  3. Potluck Wool Mittenettes - green/yellow/teal Kool Aid dyed Lion Wool
  4. Double Knit Checkerboard from Weekend Knitting - 3 colors of Lion Wool: green/yellow/teal Kool Aid dyed, yellow, and hot pink
  5. 3 crocheted bunnies from the Spring '07 KnitSimple in TLC Cotton Plus, dresses in Lion Brand Cotton Ease
  6. 1 more crocheted bunny (larger) in Lily Sugar 'n Cream
  7. Ethnic-inspired garter-lace stripe poncho from Vogue Knitting On The Go Ponchos
  8. Clapotis in Patons SWS
  9. 4 Fluffy Lap Blankets from Weekend Knitting
  10. Bordered Rectangle Rug from Easy Rugs to Crochet
  11. Round Rag Look Rug from Easy Rugs to Crochet
  12. Casual Chic from Trendsetting Totes
  13. In Vogue from Trendsetting Totes
  14. Bands of Beads from Trendsetting Totes
  15. Orange/yellow/pink/green crochet tote purse for my daughter's friend (modified slightly, picture soon)
  16. Back scrubber and several washcloths from the Thick N' Thirsty Bath Set on the Elmore-Pisgah website (most excellent patterns!)
  17. Bath mat from One Skein
  18. I think there might be more???

You know, it's actually kind of inspiring to look at it this way. I've reduced my stash considerably, made some things that I like and use, given away a few things that have reportedly been much loved - not bad, huh?

Well...except for the fact that the quilted wall hanging I started for my sister in law as a housewarming gift in June isn't done yet, the afghan for my brother is taunting me, and Breezy Cables is threatening to rise up against me if I don't do something quick.

Someone get ready to toss me a water wing because this viking is going down!

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