Thursday, September 6, 2007

Knitting and Star Wars

Are the two related? Oh yes, and if you have know what I mean. My sons have long used my colorful 14 inch Boye's for ferocious struggles in a time long ago, in a galaxy far far away. But wait! There's a new link that I discovered today, one even more brilliantly connected to knitting.

So I'm new to the world of podcasting. I have an iPod Mini and I thought podcasts were video thingys that could only be played on newer iPods. Wrong-o, girlfriend! Ok, so now I know, and I stumbled upon Brenda Dayne's Cast-On Podcast. More like crashed into it because dang, that woman is popular! Because I'm a little obsessive about stuff like this, I couldn't bear to begin listening now, 54 episodes into her reign, so I started at the beginning.

I just listened to Episode 15, you know the first episode of her first break? The one hosted by Dave of Chub Creek? Sure you do, and if you don't, go listen to it already!

I listened in the car while the Younger and I were out to get him a backpack for preschool...preschool. Younger was laughing hysterically at Dave's commentary. We particularly loved the Ethel and Ed skit...and then the moment occurred....

[Now this is where I especially wish I had a podcast of my own...oh the musical effect I could render in this moment!]

Addi Turbo's! Whoooshhshhshhshsh! You know the sound...and again, if you don't, go listen to it already! Younger, a rabid Star Wars fan, laughs and laughs...then grows quiet and contemplative...then says "was that a light saber?"

Ah my knitting paduan, yes, a light saber the Addi Turbo sound is!

I've been lamenting the fact that the Leader, my only girl, broke down and told me yesterday very matter of factly (probably so I would lay off her) that "Mom, I don't like knitted things." Snif, snif!

I'm feeling more at peace now in the knowledge that I might be knitting Yoda to my youngest son's Luke Skywalker. What shall we knit first? A light saber cozy? Perhaps a Yoda hat? Han could have used some knitwear during his cryogenically frozen hibernation state. Oh the possibilities are endless.

May the force be with you!

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