Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summertime Knitting - A Summary

Summer knitting has been an interesting adventure for me. It's certainly not the first summer that I've spent knitting, but it's been a bit more productive - or at least had the potential to be more productive - than ever before.

After contemplating my yarn stash and my numerous UFO's earlier this year, I decided that I'd better start focusing on finishing what I've started. Has it worked? Well, now let's just see...
  • There's the Breezy Cables cardigan that is finished except for a front side and 1 3/4 sleeves...
  • The Coriolis socks that are finished except for the second sock and for the fact that I can't get my foot inside the first one because I bound off too tightly... (I actually have two other pairs of socks that are still awaiting the second sock.)
  • A hooded pullover that is finished except for the front, sleeves and hood...
  • My son's pullover needs a front and two sleeves, my other son's pullover needs 1/2 a back, front and sleeves, my legwarmers are 5 inches high, my cowl is only 7 inches high, and my Subway Cable pullover needs 1/2 a front and two sleeves. Oh yeah, and I started a crocheted swingy tank that so far only has mostly a back.
  • My brother's afghan (which was supposed to be a housewarming gift in May) is still only half done.
Thank goodness my daugther doesn't want anything!

Ok, so my strategy hasn't really worked. I've been busy, come on! One reason is Abby, a little 4 year old friend who has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (you can read more about it at her Caring Bridge website). She also has two little sisters and I thought it would be a fun to make something for each of them. I know they get a lot of gifts, but I have a feeling that the two littler girls probably get left out a lot, so I made them the crocheted bunnies from Knit Simple this past summer. I used Cotton Ease for the dresses and Cotton Plus for the bodies. What a nice yarn! It was the first time I'd used either yarn and I really liked both of them. Aren't they cute?

Now the purple one is the only one that was actually done according to the instructions. I don't know how, but with the first two I missed the instructions that told exactly where to attach the arms and legs and that they should be closed at the top before being attached. I also misinterpreted the directions to sew the ears in a way that they "cup" slightly toward the front. The Mr. calls the turquoise one "Stitch" for the not so subtle resemblance to the Disney character. The yellow one is better, and the purple one is perfect. Hopefully all the girls will be happy!

Then my daughter wanted a bunny to take with when she went away for a week to school crossing guard training camp. It was to be her first time away from home for that long so who was I to say no? I made hers with Sugar n' Cream in Hot Blue and a larger hook so that it turned out slightly larger. Her's has a ruffly lime green dress. A picture will come later...

I found 4 skeins of dark brown Wool Ease Chunky. I don't remember what the intended project was for this yarn, but I ended up making the Hip and Hooded Poncho from the Yarn Girls' Guide to Beyond the Basics. 4 skeins made the smallest size perfectly, though I could have used the medium. It fits me nicely as long as I don't put the hood up. Maybe the Girl will wear it?

I completed another poncho from Vogue Knitting On the Go! Ponchos. I'd started it a long time ago - probably almost 2 years ago - and finally got it done. It's the garter-lace striped poncho and I really like it. It's a little big but what I really like, besides my color choices, is that the lace allows for some air to circulate. Even though it's just Red Heart Super Saver, it is comfortable and pretty.
Let's see, what else? Oh immense stash of 100% cotton, that's what! I had several partial cones and some balls of Peaches n' Cream, plus some more balls of Sugar n' Cream and some more Lion Cotton. I'd bought a leaflet full of crochet bags, which I love, and I made 3 or 4 of them, can't remember. Then I bought a leaflet of crocheted rugs. Score! I made this one for my bathroom and I made the bathmat from One Skein. Both rugs are excellent and working out very well in each bathroom.

So, I have gotten quite a bit done, but there's always more to do. I need to settle down, pick something, and go and go until it's done...preferably the afghan for my brother. :)
Happy knitting!

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