Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wanna see more crocheted bags?

I should first mention that I found all these bags through Crochet Pattern Central. That's my favorite site to find new crochet patterns of any type. It's sister site, Knitting Pattern Central, is my favorite site for knitting patterns.

This is the All-Occasion Totebag from Lion Brand's website. It was my first bag and I chose Peaches n' Cream in Peppercorn. While I'm not all that fond of the color anymore, the bag is huge and extremely functional. I like to pack it full of snacks and sunscreen when we go fishing.

This is the Summer Sling Tote. I really love this bag, but I need to line it to really set off the shape. I liked the construction of this: you make the front and back, then make one circular piece to function as the bottom/sides and handle. All parts are slip-stitched together. It's finished with a wooden toggle button. I think the front/back section could be easily adapted to be a baby bib, or a good looking adult bib.

The yellow and green bags are both the Drawstring Cotton Bag and the blue one is the Easy Mesh Tote. The Drawstring Cotton Bag has to be about my favorite bag. The pattern is dense so nothing will fall out, with just a hint of texture with some rows of crossed double crochets. My favorite part is how the strap is done. It's a chain with one row of single crochets. You make it long enough to attach at the base of the bag, thread through the drawstring eyelets, and attach again at the base of the bag. You can sling it over one shoulder or as a backpack. I made the strap for the Easy Mesh Tote the same way. My favorite use for this bag is to take it with when I walk my dog. I can load it up with plastic baggies and if I'm not near a trash can when Sam does his business, I can put the poop bag back into my cotton backpack and carry it home without incident. And I still look cute!

This is the String Tote Bag. Another nice tote bag, but I really should line it to increase it's functionality. I used it last summer to stylishly carry piano music to a wedding I played in, but the pencil I brought along kept falling out through the mesh. It is a cute bag though. It's constructed in 6 strips - 3 for the front and 3 for the back, then all is single crocheted together.

These are my two workhorses: CroBear's Shoulder Bag with Flap, and Denim Hobo Bag (this isn't a direct link, but look for it in the bag listings - it's a PDF file). The shoulder bag was my purse for all last summer. It's all single crochet so it's very stable and sturdy and the extra long flap keeps everything secure. The strap turned out too long though so I'm considering replacing it with a purchased strap. The Denim Hobo Bag was made with a single strand of Lion Cotton instead of a double strand of something lighter weight (can't remember what). It's all single crochet with a wooden toggle closure. I LOVE this bag!

Ok, last, but not least (and really not even last since I'm not including the bags I've made for my daughter), is this one...I can't remember what it's called! I think it was something like Honeycomb Bag, but I can't find the link. This is made from Red Heart Super Saver in a really pretty sand color that's subtle shadings of tan and ecru. I finished it with circular bamboo handles. I like this one a lot, but I need to add some kind of closure. I don't like having my bags open at the top too much for all to see the contents. Maybe velcro or a magnet. This is a nice bag for summer outings with the gals!
Ok, there's a smattering of the bags I've crocheted. Now back to work!

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