Saturday, July 28, 2007

A little sad...

Hi all! It's been a while - and I blame my dog, Sam.

You see I crocheted myself this adorable little cell phone case. I could say it was an original design, but I really just morphed two designs into one: the Cell Phone Pouch (which I found on Crochet Pattern Central) and the Cell Phone Hugger from Knit Pixie.

Isn't it cute? It's made out of Aunt Lydia Shimmer in lavender. The Cell Phone Hugger was the main pattern for the body, then I added the strap with the metal clip on one end. I guess I forgot to take a picture of the back, but I single crocheted around a cabone ring and tacked that onto the back so the clip could attach to it. The strap looped around my purse handle with the clip attached to the ring. The smooth button made for easy opening and I love the little window on the front so I could still see the time. It was a wonderful case - for two days.

Enter Sam. I left my bag on the floor, went upstairs to do something, forgot about it, and came back down to find that Sam had started the unraveling process and the case is now impossible to repair.

Sigh. Back to throwing my phone into the bottomless pit that is my purse.

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