Sunday, July 1, 2007

It's summer?

The craziness that is summer has now descended upon our house! It's nuts! We have community ed activities, sports, summer school, occupational therapy, speech therapy - and I get to try to work from home through it all. Riiight!

School got out later than usual on June 7 so it seems impossible that it can actually be July if the kids haven't even been out of school a month. The teacher blankies were finished in record time, distributed on time, and loved by all. It really makes me feel good to be able to make something special for those who work so hard to enrich the lives of special little kids like my boy.

Here's the stack! After the first one, the green one, I remembered that the last time I made these, I'd actually increased the width a little. So the green one was made exactly per the instructions for the lap blanket version in Weekend Knitting, and given to the teeny tiny speech therapist. The red one is the largest - I cast on 132 stitches for that blanket and it was given to the 6 foot tall kindergarten teacher. I cast on 120 stitches for the other two and they were given to the two remaining - and average height - teachers; the para and special education teacher.

I absolutely love these blankets and I'm getting ready to place an order for more yarn. At the end of the summer I will need to say goodbye to the Boy's occupational therapist of 4.5 years and she deserves perhaps the afghan size of this blanket. I think Symphony is discontinued, but luckily Smiley's is selling it for $1.50 a ball. Whee!

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