Friday, March 30, 2007

Ballet T-Shirt

So I bought Loop-de-Loop by Teva Durham. I was downright fearful after viewing the modeled garments on her website. I had never seen the actual book before so I was afraid that these were the actual pictures from the book, but I was intrigued enough to buy it from the Amazon Marketplace. Ooooh, do I like it! The photos are beautiful and the patterns are great! The main reason I bought the book, the Ballet T-Shirt, was screaming to be made. This is really more of a test garment - it's done in Caron Simply Soft in Chocolate (not my favorite) - but it's what I had and I had to have the shirt.

No wisecracks about the bra, okay? I'm only trying it on, remember! It is cute, and it fits! I made the larger size (I'm a 36" bust) and the only thing I might to different next time is do a few more rounds of straight knitting before the bust decrease and again before the waist increases.

I should've timed this one. I started it Monday evening, then finished it Tuesday afternoon. I even worked that day for a few hours.

Must make more!

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