Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mom's Ruffled Scarf

Mom's Ruffled Scarf
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Two posts in one day! Wow! It's either the impending apocalypse or I have loads of work and in desperate need of a reason to procrastinate.

Come on, we all do it sometime.

I just couldn't believe I hadn't shared this one yet. Maybe I did and don't remember it, but oh well. It's my blog and I can do what I want!

This is the Ruffled Cashmere Scarf from Closely Knit, by Hannah Fettig. I like this book a lot. The projects are sorted into chapters based on the intended recipient. This scarf was in the "Mothers" chapter and I knew I had to make it for my mom.

When I asked her what color she wanted for a scarf, she said "sage green". Easy enough, right? I was not prepared for how blasted hard it was to find sage green yarn suitable for this project!

I first bought Dream in Color Classy in Good Luck Jade. That was the best I could do at my LYS. It's a great color and a great yarn, but too heavy for this pattern and really not even close to sage green. My mom's reaction when I showed it too her was not very enthusiastic either.

So I continued to search. I investigated several yarns and finally settled on Malabrigo Silky Merino. It's DK weight - exactly what I need for this pattern - and the Green/Gray colorway was as close to sage as anything else I was seeing. I ordered it, started it, and loved it.

And it matches Mom's eyes. I think it will look great on her.

The yarn is gorgeous. Single ply 50/50 merino silk blend. Absolutely beautiful! It looks great in this pattern too. There is enough stockinette to let the slight variations in color intensity shine through. The pattern itself is great also. I hate scarves that are the same thing over and over for a gagillion inches. I like that this pattern is broken down into a repeat that actually has something going on to keep my interest. I love how the short rows create the ruffled effect. In my opinion, it worked up quickly. For a scarf.

The fabric lost a little body during blocking, but it still has the same flow and movement to it (the photo is post blocking). I folded it, wrapped it in tissue, and included 3 packets of Soak in the bag. Now if only the stars would align and I could actually give it to her.

Maybe this weekend. Cross your fingers that she loves it! Cross your toes that she actually wears it!

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sue said...

What a pretty scarf. I love the pattern you used too.