Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I'm back!

We made it back from Florida in one piece - or five pieces, as it were. A great time was had by all but we were ready to come back. I tried to walk on the treadmill this morning and only made it 15 minutes before the pain in my left foot was unbearable. Darn Disneyworld!

The Coriolis socks came with on the airplane. I finished one, then bound off too tightly to even get it over my toes. I have since tried again, and can now get the sock on, but it takes considerable wriggling. Perhaps the 3rd time wil be the charm.

Alas, Clapotis did not come with on the airplane. Neither did the Airy Wrap Sweater - which is also done by the way - but it was ok. I was fine on the plane and fine the whole time. Once it was a little cool in the evening and we broke out the light jackets, but I didn't miss my knits. The Girl had her Knit.1 Travel Wrap though and loves it. Success!

It is nice to be home though and throw my Clapotis around my shoulders for some coffee on the deck in the morning. I feel silly though - realized after I posted the pictures that I was wearing the Clap knit side out, when it is supposed to be purl side out. It's SOOO much better purl side out! It's a blurry picture, but seee? I usually wear it as a shawl, but I thought this was a good scarf view.

I need to make another one though in something lighter and softer. Patons SWS is very pretty and the Clap is very warm, but it's a bit itchy for me. I'll do another one perhaps in Decor or TLC essentials - or maybe even cotton. Cotton might be a little heavy, but it would be nice for the warmer months.

Ahhh, decisions decisions.

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